Daily Devo – May 14, 2017



Today is Sunday, May 14, 2017. Hi, my name is Adam Burton, and you are listening to the daily devo. A short devotional designed to help you apply God’s Word to your life. The content comes from the Gospel Project.

Take a few moments and read: John 4:1-42.

Some people really get into celebrating certain holidays. They place elaborate decorations throughout their houses, they have seasonal music playing through their cars’ stereo systems, and sometimes they even place those large, inflatable holiday icons on their lawns. The point is: When their favorite holiday comes around, these people will no doubt let you know what time of year it is. They are all in and their “holiday spirit” is often infectious to those nearby.

Who do you know who enjoys “going all out” to celebrate a specific holiday? What are some of the ways they decorate and celebrate?

Maybe you’re constantly in the “holiday spirit” once that season rolls around. More important than being in the spirit of the holidays is the realization that we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit and He calls us to worship Him in Spirit and truth. He offers to us life and living water that can be found nowhere else. And just like the woman at the well, our spirit should be infectious. We should be “all in” when it comes to celebrating what Jesus has done for us. Those who are “all in” will go “all out” to tell others the good news of Jesus, just like the woman at the well.

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